Creating Awareness

The final product of awareness is change. More specifically, awareness gives us the power to understand, to choose, to respond, and thus, to change. We provide the catalyst for change.

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Navigating Change

Change is happening all around us at all times. We act as a guide for individuals and groups who welcome the necessity of change.

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Ensuring Prosperity

Prosperity, the condition of being successful or thriving, is our goal. We are the ones to partner with you to safeguard your secure future.

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Creating Awareness. Navigating Change. Ensuring Prosperity.

Professional Services

A Powerful Combination

At Ubuntu we improve your organization’s position by managing change with a lens that focuses on both internal and external cultures.

For Small Organizations

The opportunities for small organizations are no longer confined to a limited area. We help small organizations grow and take advantage of what they already do well.

For Those Who Are Growing

As your organization grows the challenges increase. And so does your potential. We enable you to see through the fog and create the future that you desire.

For Multi-Nationals

The environment of large, trans boarder organizations is the most complex of all. We help guide large organizations through all types of management and cultural issues.


  • "Without the insight of Ubuntu Consultants our organization would be still be stuck in the 'way we've always done it.' Now we have a deeper insight of our company culture and how to leverage that."

    - John Parker

About Ubuntu Consulting

Derek is the CEO of Ubuntu Consulting and loves seeing businesses thrive. Navigating change and culture is a unique specialty that enables him to create for future growth for you.

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